Monday, November 05, 2012

Obama will edge out Romney but what about Beijing?

Tomorrow on Tuesday from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire to North Slope, Alaska, the world will watch as Democratic nominee Barack Hussein Obama II repeats his feat in moving forward and winning the presidential election, just barely over a valiant effort from the Republican nominee Willard Mitt Romney who ran on essential economic issues in key swing states. This year Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Michigan were all added as places to watch, but just like 2004 slowly but snowy Ohio figures to be the only legitimate contender to change the vote by just an inch. Interestingly since the 1960s, Ohio has been known not just as a swing state but a rouge register, as it split from the nation and voted for Richard M. Nixon over John F. Kennedy in 1960.

But the real change in geoecoleconpolitics and world power will not be made in the United States of America tomorrow, rather those People's Republic of China will be holding a leadership selection next Thursday which could more likely make this presidential election pale in comparison, with the world's most populous nation and fastest growing major economy where growth rates average 10% over the past 30 years despite being a communist one inside a capitalist society.

How this matters to the upcoming National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and current fourth generation and longest serving General Secretary and President Hu Jintao is that the present and fifth generation Vice President and the Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping is being setup to become the heir of the nation itself, now that scandal has taken Stephen Harper favourite Bo Xilai, the transportation train accident which took out Liu Zhijun of the running for higher ground and those standing issues of current Premier Wen Jiabao's hidden American wealth. The idea that Hu will step down as both the general secretary and president would allow for the idea that the Beijing born Xi could jump on in without any possible impasse. The hope Washington, Ottawa and other Western powers that be have in a Xi's Beijing is that greater, freer and more open trade, investement and enterprise will bring everyone more opportunity thus freer capital and greater success, that is a new leaf turn over everyone can welcome.