Saturday, October 06, 2012

Canada's own Camelot is almost complete

The fables of Arthurian proportions, which powered the Kennedy family to fame and remained strong in the United States, has produced itself here in Canada through the Trudeau clan via its version of Camelot North. Quite like the famed king in the 12th century French romantic fairy tale by Chrétien De Troyes, Justin Trudeau too has launced a medieval styled defense and attack against the enemy, his being the invading political ideologies of New Democratic socialism and Bloc Québécois separatism from within la belle province on former Grit territory. In his quest for the Canadian Holy Grail, being a open, free and just society, he too has enlisted the services of most trusted knight Sir Launcelot Du Lac being his little brother Alexandre Sacha Trudeau as a senior advisor in his campaign.

If it worked well for the Kennedy brothers Jack and Bobby, or John Fitzgerald and Robert Francis, so I would suspect it could the same for those two Trudeaus. Even better as one would believe, as Alexandre studied his philosophy at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and graduated with degree from Mcgill University, while Robert studied prelaw at Harvard and graduated with degree from University of Virginia, each with the academic background in democratic civil affairs to help their older siblings out. Looking down south, though Robert Francis Kennedy Junior and his environmental law background and similar academic record as his dad RFK, has not thrown his Tilley into the ring yet. Justin, now in the thick of his hunt, must bone up beyond his Bachelor of Arts degree in literature from Mcgill, Education degree from the University of British Columbia and work as a social studies and French secondary school teacher, to have a chance to match up to his father Pierre Elliot. However, like Jack and Bobby, one would have to believe Alexandre was brought in to fill those philosophic gaps in the quest for Canadian justice towards the greater good in public policy.

As many have believed JFK and PET to be modern day forms of the philosopher king Arthur, using Pelagianisic virtues such as a fully controled humanity with free will and good works without original sin or divine grace. Quite like Pelagius, both looked to attain moral perfection in a political vision where a hopeful future full of potential and promise was possible tomorrow, giving speeches and making policies that could make them attainable in our lifetime. But like the line of letting it not be forgot, that once for a brief shining moment at that spot, that was known as Camelot, we all forget that we too are just mortals beloved with but one life to live not long by so long goodbye.