Monday, October 15, 2012

Mcguinty leaves while Mcguinty looks to join

Dalton Junior calls it quits today, just as David signals his beginning tomorrow, so goes the days of the Mcguinty clan. Both moves seemed obvious for those watching, moreso a resignation by the MPP for Ottawa South and Premier of Ontario over a run by the MP for Ottawa South and party critic for Natural Resources, for the Liberal Party of Canada leadership. Though both remained active politically at separate levels, each has left an indelible mark upon this province and nation for the past decade with the work they have done, the question is was all that work positive? Even further on, Ontarians and Canadians may soon ask, who will be the next leader of the provincial and federal Liberals!

I personally do not think you can rule out a crossover of either, Dalton junior going federal for the top spot, while David drops down to run the provincial crown, but now realistically I believe we are looking at a situation where the MP for Papineau and party critic for Youth, Amateur Sport and Post Secondary Education Justin Trudeau and MPP for Windsor—Tecumseh Dwight Duncan, especially after his governmental austerity measures used to reduce by $400 million the projected 2012-13 fiscal year provincial deficit of $14.4 billion and debt of $238 billion in Ontario!

Duncan and his push against public sector works, via a wage freeze to balance the books by 2017-18, twinned with an optimistic projection for economic growth at 1.9 per cent in 2013 and 2.3 the next year, is exactly the kind of ministerial action that makes for provincial leadership platform fodder. Trudeau and his young turks rhetorically turn his campaign platform into a set of platitudes and personality over principles and policy, embracing the emotionally secular and rationally scientific Canada his dad helped to create, again the kind of critical talk which makes for federal leadership platform fodder. Both almost guarantee that the decade and those days within of Mcguinty are behind us as the Liberal repair, rebuild and relaunch into the future, but history was made by each man in their own different way, just have to wonder if Dalton Senior would have approved?