Monday, October 22, 2012

Tory narrowcasting brings in smaller micromanaged catches for the win

Conservatives and their Get Out The Vote Identification and Voter Database Technology Management systems, like their American counterpart Republicans with their Tea Party Revival, have become great at having their ears down on the ground from sea to sea, using a proven model of success for electoral support to win big unthinkable victories and wipe out unsinkable parties. Take gun control for a prime example, Liberal made policy during the days in which the party was in power, with back to back to back majorities, creating an arrogant air that allowed them to totally ignore anyone and everyone which is exactly what they did with metro urban made policy that did not apply to the rest of Canada, especially throughout the rural hinterlands of Ontario. The federal Tories under Stephen Harper, paying close attention to what they heard from below, saw coming down the railtracks and begun targeting and tailoring legislative policy from their ideologic principles and election platform via research, development and implementation of various interdisciplinary data to fit their public opinion and preferences, coming straight from their core base of supporters, gaining their vote and winning their seat, by way of working their core base so they can work for them and their benefits daily.

Tories have micromanaged their federal election victories, incrementally building on short amd silent minorities and changing them into strong and stable majorities, by constantly remaining in election mode while governing the nation state, inefficient with government revenue via wasteful spending that can not be properly funded, ineffective with governmental legislation via intrusive bills that can not be properly enforced, Conservatives across Canada found their bread and butter demographic in every general election since 2006 via the key electoral battlegrounds in various Northern and rural farmland ridings and their belief in traditionalism and those 21 percent for the 21 century superior swing seats in multi suburban ridings and their belief in culturalism, where those core base of supporters, polled as mainly specific groups made up from the upper income bracket, college educated and faith based, predominately older and male and usually of the Anglo Saxon variety, though a larger proportion than usual of visible and focused ethnic minorities too, all combine to make those potential votes positive in swinging the win.

Although it could also be argued that the Tories mainstream media messaged their communication straight to their target share via social, online, autodial robocall telecommunications by way of Responsive Marketing Group, Campaign Support Research or Rack Nine Incorporated and their Constituent Information Management System and local media saturation through area circulation dailies, bypassing the tried and true traditional yet old mainstream national chains of radio, television and newsprint, the main point is that by getting their message across loud and clear without any real static, the next election in 2015 is theirs to lose, especially as they target the babyboom 55 years and older white male with a position that is not built to fit the youth of tomorrow. With the socialist separatist coalition now the Official Opposition led by Thomas Mulcair in the guise of the New Democrats, along with a renewed, rebuilding and to be reformed Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau, Conservatives have a real battle on their hands, especially one where Québec is already lost between both of these and possibly the Bloc, Ontario will begin looking to the Liberals when they finally vacate their Queen's Park and possibly those out East especially Grit friendly ridings from New Brunswick to Newfoundland Labrador.