Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hostess without Twinkies is not the mostest

Ding Dong dang now that word coming out from Irving Texas is that the Schiller Park Illinois created Continental Interstate Baking Company cream filled golden spongecakes are no longer, corporate need for greed and rocket towards profit int he pocket plus union ruining labour with a penchant for more pay, perks and pension above the average, led to the fall, demise and extinction of the tasty treat. The former Kansas City Missouri company and its Teamster based Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers' International union could not agree on terms, something we are seeing more and more between both Blue and Red Staters way down south, the lack of bipartisanship and bipartisanship across the aisle cooperation towards the betterment of a greater society for the goodness of its citizenry. Overall, it has lead to a decline in the cultural greatness of a superpower among leading world nations, to even think we are making these comparsions because of the bankrupcy of a snack cake dessert whose workers and management refused to hi Ho Ho hi ho ho off to work and go make more for America.

But confectionery seems the right place to find America's decades of decadence and centuries of corruption, leaving the average diet one filled with not just cream, icing and flour, but sugar, starch and salt, with enough bad low density lipoprotein cholesterol saturated and trans unsaturdated fats to clog the national clogs the arteries of the nation white with foam from sea to shining sea.

Twinkies may yet still be saved, as the iconic brand will never be forgot in the minds of all generation from the days of Depression to this race from recession, but those Americans still using the ingredients of this Made in the USA invention as the daily fabric of their diet and health may not. As unions and their workers and corporations and its management continue clashing over the profits they make together, the average joe citizen remains the victim, with a monopolized lack of competition that culminated into a lack of choice, change and chance at an America faster, stronger and better. So the defense of the Twinkie is less about the fall of a once great brand for branding and economics reasons and not so great product for our fitness and health at the end of the day, instead one should likely argue, Twinkies which once help make a nation great fall as the lustre, leasure and luxury of that same nation lower too.