Monday, November 12, 2012

A new Canada ahead with Anglophone mayor in the largest Francophone city

Interim mayors will be selected for Montréal and Laval respectfully, as Gérald Tremblay and Gilles Vaillancourt have now resigned amidst scandal, with the likely successors to being are Michael Applebaum and Alexandre Duplessis, though Richard Deschamps, Helen Fotopulos and Jacques St-Jean also have chances to succeed. Regardless, if Applebaum is elected as the new interim mayor for the second largest city in Canada, he will be its first Anglophone mayor since half French and half Irish James-John Edmund Guérin in 1910, which is a huge feat for federalist in a city known for its proud Francophonic heritage. Coming from the Borough Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce of Ville de Montréal, Applebaum can obviously speak French but it was not his mother tongue as an allophone, which made the nationalistic idea of linguistic, racial and cultural preservation and unity within the pure laine ideal a possible issue.

That said all internal council polling show these anti corruption and council unity candidates to be the ones selected, completely on the reasoning that each are well above reproach in cleaning up a dirty machine, something that can now be aptly used for both under the circumstances.

Change is usually a good thing, in between the electoral idealist and populist surges for both Obama down south and Layton here to the north, Ithnāʿ Ashariyya or Ismaili Shia Muslim Naheed Nenshi, a South Asian newcomer to Canada from Tanzania and an associate professor at Mount Royal University, using his grassroots based social media campaign network like Howard Dean, Obama and Layton to go from 8 to 40% popular vote support, becoming the first Muslim to become mayor of a major Canadian city being Calgary. Like today with Applebaum, Nenshi promised three major themes in his platforms, being reform the way city council is presently run, lowering property taxes, eliminating the deficit and end any debt held by the city along with public works freezing, and increase funding for needed public transit and fix the broken public transportation system for the good of the people, which interestingly find simple concordance between the ecology and economy of our own world. Perhaps we have finally made out way to a new Canada, one where a Muslim is elected in the largest metro in Mountain Western Canada and an Anglophone is elected in the largest metro in Québec, one can hope that progress has been made but only time will tell.