Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Whitby-Oshawa without Elliott-Flaherty stays Tory blue

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario will be keeping the riding of Whitby-Oshawa as Lorne Coe polls ahead of the Ontario Liberal Party candidate Elizabeth Roy, the Ontario New Democratic Party candidate Niki Lundquist, and the Green Party candidate Stacey Leadbetter, with Libertarian Adam Mcewan, objectivist Freedom Douglas Thom, perennial Pauper John Turmel, None of the Above Greg Vezina and Noneof Zabove running as an Independent amongst the fringe, this byelection race is as slam dunk as they make them. Usually with byelections one expects the normal 59,110 valid total voters from the 2014 general election to drop by around half, more or less around 29,500 should be par, though the top issue of the byelection being the privatization Hydro One selloff and the resulting rise in electricity prices has had to date little or no effect on the street so one could be forgiven to think even less likely that number will show on the 11th of February. Coe and the Ontario Tories will gain 44% and win the seat, Larsen and the Grits will gain a second place showing with 33 percent of the vote, Lundquist and the Neodemos take up third with 15 in percentage, as Powell and the Greens will maintain with fourth at 5%, from the fringe Greg Vezina, the leader of None of the Above, and the Independent Above Znoneofthe should get a bounce from that registration fiasco a fifth and six place with 0.9% and 0.7% respectfully, then with a similar platform Mcewan and the Libertarians and Thom of Freedom should finish seventh and eighth place with 0.5% and 0.4% respectfully, then Cuthbert of the Peoples will finish ninth with 0.3%, and finally Turmel, the leader and founder of the Pauper, finishing tenth with 0.1%.

Thus Whitby-Oshawa without Elliott-Flaherty stays Tory blue, things will stay the same as staus quo allows, but the question is does the lack of a shakeup at Queens Park not lack a wakeup at how our own Ontario has gone from being a powerhouse to the poorhouse in less sixty and we Ontarians do not even bat an eye!

Green renewable energy production not tied to the free market solutions here in Ontario has created more problems, in terms of poor fiscal performance and lacklustre economic management under the current provincial government, leading us further into deficit as its debt grows and your job goes. Job creation will continue going down as the cost to power them here in the province continues going up, as industry and its various companies and corporations look for greener pastures, as dock doors close and warehouse windows shutter for those many businesses that go south from here to share their enterprise and commerce for better growth and brighter opportunities. When the Canadian hardworking middle class families of today earning $70,000. combined household income have to choose between food and warmth, two items most essential yet most affected by the Green energy versus economic reality, you can only imagine the kind of future we are headed towards without a better fiscal ship in order while in the middle of the ocean with the eye of the perfect storm heading right our way.