Friday, August 21, 2015

Is that body fat rule for seven pounds or seven percent?

Overall body fat does not burn as fast as overall body weight, losing weight should not be the goal as more likely the hard gained muscle you made is the weight you paid in full when losing improperly, plus the closer you get towards your fat burning goal then it becomes harder to burn your fat stores and lose those extra pounds and percentages. At this stage, there is not much in the way of your flab over ab battle of the bulge as the war with weight goes, your exercise is down to a near science by increasing your daily physical activity with a regular strength resistance and cardio functional conditioning regime to build muscle, and your nutrition too is as clean and clear as it gets by decreasing your daily caloric intake with at least three square calorie restrictive portioned meals each over ninety percent good foods and under ten not so much day in and day out to burn fat. This just becomes a way of life where one lives, just as when in Rome live as Romans do, yet if this reads as Greek to all you, then be as one in Sparta and thus be Spartan with your life, which leads one towards either the seven pounds or percentage fat rule.

So they ask, what is that fat rule for seven pounds or seven percent, as there is a massive difference between them both.

The quick and dirty is the seven pounds body fat rule is for all year around maintenance to reduce the risk of anti inflammatory arthritis, back pain, some forms of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as other protections towards positive overall health, where you never gain more than seven pounds over your optimal weight and continually work to get back to and under that place, while the seven percent body fat rule is for those special occasions, such as the wedding, reunion, or vacation, where you want to be at your finest tip top svelte shaped self but also recognize that seven percent body fat up to twenty is healthy with males is the equivalent of thirteen percent body fat up to thirty is healthy on females, who must hold more essential fat due to normal physiological difference in natural body type. I personally when able physically always follow the seven pounds rule in the offseason starting November the 1st while all my fitness and health fellows bulk up as my own daily macros of 3,000 cals goes 50% prots, 30% carb, and 20% fat with a cheat a week and the seven percent rule in the onseason starting March the 1st when all those fellows go lean out as my daily plan of 1,700 cals goes 50% prots, 30% fats, and 20% carbs, with more take around workouts plus refeeds and slowly drop towards big events, along with a supplement of whey in the day, casein at night, and BCAA or EAAs everyday, that kind of commitment to consistency on calorie, weight, and fat deficit by keeping it both simple and smart yet reasonable and real, which I think is the exact way people want things in life if they are really honest with themselves. As I always say to others who ask, you are not trying hard to lose weight, but just fat off your body, weight is good as it does include muscle, knowing your ideal weight being where you feel good about yourself is key, but knowing how to lose or burn the fat, while still actively keep or build the muscle, is even more important at the end of the day.