Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Iowa Cruzing but a New Hampshire bump yet for Trump and Sanders

Ted Cruz trusted to win in Iowa, that is or should be a given after his barnstorming effort to redouble his push to keep traditional family values alive in America as the main issue within the party itself as the culture war from within continues, using the classic Mid Western state as his stump to speak on said issue then speech and debate his way to victory as has been his strategy from the getgo. Problem for Ted in the long term is the quasi capitalist free enterprise fiscalism brand of Donald, Trump has Cruz' card being secular fiscal policy towards economic recovery, job opportunity, and trade liberalism and can break his poker face with the money to match, that sells in New Hampshire right through to the South starting in South Carolina. Unless Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, or a Paul or Carson or Kasich can actually catch onto either or both of these principles that still divide somewhat the party, between its Wall Street and the Beltway establishment and its Main Street American grasroots, Trump and Cruz will be vying neck and neck for the distance with no real competition behind them for the Republican nomination.

Democrats have it quite similarly yet different here in the heart of the Corn Belt, they do not have to wait as long for such clarity, which should not allude them much longer past Des Moines.

Martin Omalley coming in third where one only gains two tickets out of the Hawkeye State, question remains whether Iowans see themselves with those 1% praetorians backing Clinton versus the 99% proletariat behind Bernie, Hillary has the edge everywhere within the state machine but that does not seem to matter as the people want to have their say and their voice seems to be calling for quasi light communist democratic socialism brand of Sanders. As the Tea Party movement brought forth the populist platform push of Trump and Cruz, the Occupy Wall Street movement bubbled after Barrack Obama and now is before Bernie as Clinton feels the Bern, income and wealth inequality with a new way to distribute the dollar is the main issue within the party which polarizes both campaigns and the party itself as the class war from within continues. Another attack against by Bernie big banks and corrupt corporations adds burden for Clinton and the elite who keep her going, by the time they meet in Concord things should begin to settle but no matter what on both sides the damage will have already been done well beyond any minor campaign team mitigation.