Friday, March 13, 2015

Destressing the mind does matter for memory

Stress, anxiety, and depression all have a very negative role to play in how we go about our daily lives from wake to sleep, the positive upside to all of this is a continued defensive approach to critical thinking defensively can keep you humbly in check, while balanced in remaining confident throughout life, and yet maintain being intellectually disciplined enough to keep up the pace without sinking. Those who have trouble juggling responsibilities at home, work, and play may find it hard to sleep well at night, thus even harder to wake up properly in the morning. Without constant exercise of the mind, like that of the muscles, simply put we have to keep on using it positively or we shall negatively lose it and face the dire consequences that come.

Attention and memory usually become severely affected for these kinds of people by those three types of stressor responses of the body, which as the study in the title link shows, can be alleviated naturally through exercise, meditation, and prayer which should be habitually practiced at regular intervals to be wholly effective.

Destressing the mind does matter for memory and positive mental and physical health related quality of life, the daily habits we do in life are linked indelibly towards strengthening the brain and heart, which in turn change our moods from a more negative one to being more positive. Also, the old paraphrased idea of hoping for the best, planning for the worst, and preparing to be surprised in prayer has much truth within it, we must not just think in terms of mental and physical well being, or just the function of our brain and heart, but also of the spiritual aspect of the soul. Without proper exercise and constant usage in all three areas of humanity, then we risk losing our way by wandering back into the dark shadowy land where stress, anxiety, and depression lie, rather than using our time in the sun and fun of reading and meditating upon scripture, singing and glorifying within psalms, and praying to our Creator habitually on a regular basis for a better and more positive life.