Friday, January 31, 2014

To every meal here is a season and time to every purpose

So people out there do fear, are scared, and simply loathing their nutritional diets and exercise routines they resolved to keep, have, and hold from that day forward, all for better or for worse, then why do it I say? We explained at the beginning of the year how the sedentary person can keep their body mass all year round, simply by cutting back via intermittent fasting using just water and either essential or branched chain amino acids on the off fast days with the lean, clean, and green least feast with high protein foods on the on feast days, without any exercise though highly not recommended. For those people athletically inclined for maximum gain, we explained how their dietary needs force them both to eat different macronutrients exactly at certain stages of activity and more of them for the specific function of their sport, high carb and low fat to perform, high fat and low carb to rest, and then high protein alltime.

Understanding this now, to every meal here is a season and time to every purpose, I will further explain how this works for the athlete well in training.

Planning out your meal to become even more efficient and effective as fuel becomes the next challenge, the old line of thinking is unless your meal is going to be eaten around three hours before or an hour after working out, which should have complex carbohydrates with both or either sugar and starch like potatoes, brown rice, or rye oat whole grain bread, your meal should contain a more fibrous simpler carb or become a further held fast to maximize human growth hormone naturally within. The one before should be smaller, ideally you may even want to go into your workout completely fasted to gain the fully anabolic effects of the natural human growth hormone your body is creating, with the one after being larger, more complex in the carb ratio to restore your muscle glycogen stores and can include a sugary or starchy dessert like real dairy milk ice cream! Finally making sure your meal sizes go from king to prince or queen to pauper from morning to midnight is key to keeping your brain and body in check with mouth and muscle, determining how lean or fat is your meat or dairy protein source, how fibrous or starchy is your vegetable carb source, how sugary or watery is your fruit carb source, with the last meal being a slow digesting protein source like casein to keep from catabolic effects and counter the faster ones like whey you had the whole day.