Monday, November 21, 2016

Trump making America great but could it be even better?

The major mainstream media was shocked and awed by the electoral big short position Donald Trump pulled on the political establishment, first within the Republican clique during the primary for the nomination and then within the Democratic machine during the race for the election and finally within the American psyche during the vote for the Presidency, taking a gamble on the entire political market failing to make the gain by strongly betting against that political establishment and its privileged elite of the Beltway that had collateralized and mortgaged the future of America on lended credit owned by the rest of the world. There is no other reason to explain Trump past this very simple narrative the major mainstream media continues to keep as complex as possible so others do not follow suit, if you followed the minor alternative media which can be found mainly on the internet online, it pointed exactly to how America saw itself deeply in the mirror as one failed nation state that just wanted to make itself great again, especially after recent heartfelt promises of hope, change, and progress in the decade or so previously came to naught and never really came true for real people who felt real hurt by the system. A president elected by hope to change the system and progress beyond the financial crisis from within the subprime mortgage lending market he was first elected into, a bright hope that he would bring progressive comprehensive financial reforms that address basic income and wealth inequality focussed on the disappearing middle class working family, massive levels of poverty, and various socioeconomic problems affecting seniors and youth, a hope faded as Barack Hussein Obama II never lived up to such legislative expectation from his electoral promises with even less chance for change if Hillary Rodham Clinton had been elected after the Democrats capitulated their nomination and only real chance for change in Bernie Sanders.

So, now with Trump making America great but could it be even better is the question, as the first casualty in all this American infighting between Blue States versus Red States is bipartisanship once so proudly displayed by the likes of Republican Arizona Senator John Mccain and Democratic Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold using campaign finance reform as the issue of the day.

Not that President Trump would actually use bipartisanship as Obama at least publically displayed its virtues, instead he moves singlehandedly towards holding those campaign promises he made and seriously act on them within the first one hundred days being a great wall to block illegal or undocumented immigration from south of the border with Mexico, making all global free trade deals America has made internationally fair as well, and looking to never repeat another 9/11 in America, and more importantly for Donald, New York City never ever again by instituting a travel ban from targeted Muslim nations he feels most likely harbours these future terrorists. Bipartisanship would slow all these efforts down with a legislative drag never seen before as not only does members of Congress from both the House and the Senate on the Democratic side dislike Donald, so does many if not the majority of the members from the Republican side of Congress, which is why he and his whole White House administration has an earned paranoid distrust seen never before since the days of Watergate and has many within Washington and without comparing Trump to Nixon with help from the unfriendly and uninviting major mainstream media that looks only to do more harm to his term for the next four years as was given. Ironically, though he looks to keep his divisive election promises he made to his American public that duly elected him President of the United States of America, Donald may end up only getting those four years without the seemingly automatic next four to go simply because unlike Obama who did not live up to his promised expectations yet kept everyone in the political establishment and its privileged elite of the Beltway happy in Washington, Trump may step on the wrong toes on his drive onward and forward to making America great again yet in the end losing a better and more bipartisan one in the process.