Monday, August 08, 2016

How Donald will trump Hillary in November

With both conventions winding down after nominating presidential candidates, being the President Hillary Clinton and Vice President Tim Kaine ticket for Democrats in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Donald Trump and Mike Pence ticket for Republicans in Cleveland, Ohio respectfully, things should be getting much clearer and more focused on who stands for what and where their platform fits when Americans introspectively look at their country united and their individual lives. However, as the dust cleared out and far away from both venues, it became abundantly obvious that pieties and platitudes, not policy or principles would be the final byproduct emitting from the convention acceptance speeches at both arenas. All of which unfortunately leave the people with some hard choices, each promoting change their own way, yet offering little chance of actually producing it with their own political elixirs for a common sense cure for what ails the American public.

How Donald will trump Hillary in November this 2016 Federal Election is quite simple, though one cautions Trump may lose the popular vote to Clinton though win the electoral vote, mirroring the result George W. Bush had 47.9% yet 271 in 2000 against Al Gore's 48.4% yet 266.

First Hillary loses the Millennial momentum Bernie brought by being a popular progressive part of the Democratic Party program, allowing third parties in the Greens ticket from Houston this week of nominee Jill Stein and mate Ajamu Baraka plus the Libertarian ticket from Orlando late May being nominee Gary Johnson and mate William Weld to pick up much of the unaligned independent to progressive left wing leaning vote, while allowing the Donald to continue going hard with the traditional right to centre vote and picking up the outlying unaligned independent vote that sees him as a more realistic vehicle for change accepted by the mainstream political machine to make it happen. Second being a collapse of the political middle ground to a more polarized election in all likelihood means the disenfranchised moderate voter Clinton is trying hard to send a message to is not getting the communication from her, without recognizing the get out the vote mantra from Hillary, they stay home because Obama she is not and change she does not represent. Third Clinton played the game of narrowing choice and thus limiting option within her party, during the primary, thus obviously leading their membership to its eventual given decision but now Trump will play this same game with Hillary amongst the general public and Donald will on the fight against big money interests through banks and business in the Beltway win as Clinton is too aligned with the shadowy backroom powers both Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton cast upon her and the soon to be dashed higher hopes, dreams, and aspirations she had in being America's first women president.