Monday, November 14, 2016

Niagara West-Glanbrook where only the good fly young

Controversy was heavy in Niagara West-Glanbrook, where 19 year old Brock University poli sci student Sam Oosterhoff and his Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario looks to not only replace former Ontario Tory leader and MPP Tim Hudak but also become the youngest Member of Provincial Parliament ever, only having to get past Ontario Liberal Party candidate Vicky Ringuette, Ontario New Democratic Party candidate Mike Thomas, and the Green Party candidate Donna Cridland, with Canadian Constituents leader Arthur SmithermanLibertarian Stefanos Karatopis, None of the Above leader Greg Vezina, Peoples Political Party Dwight Mclean, Stop The New Sex Ed Agenda Queenie Yu, and Independent Martin Poos amongst the fringe, making this potentially historical byelection race another mad one. Usually with byelections one expects the normal 97,201 valid total voters from the 2014 general election to drop by around half, more or less around 65,405 should be par, with the top issue of the byelection being the hydro electricity billion dollar boondoggle and green energy goofup by the Wynne Liberals has been the biggest talk on the street. The Seventeenth of November will be groundbreaking, as the Ontario Tories let another internal matter contaminate the external race locally to depress their protest vote, however Oosterhoff should still gain 49% and win the seat, Thomas and the Neodemos place second with 29 percent of the vote, Ringuette and the Grits take up third with 19 in percentage, as Cridland and the Greens finish with fourth at less than 3%, while the fight for fifth from the fringe I actually think the Stop The New Sex Ed Agenda Yu will gather a little bit less than 1% of the vote as there is a lot of groundswell immigrant support for her fight against government intrusiveness on parental matters, while the best of the rest and that 0.1% piece of pie goes as follows, Libertarian Karatopis sixthNone of the Above Vezina seventh, Independent Poos eighth, Peoples Mclean ninth, and Constituents leader Smitherman tenth.

Niagara West-Glanbrook where only the good fly young, as the former Harper Conservative parliamentary executive assistant, junior staffer, and policy analyst Oosterhoff dispatched both the Ontario PC leader Brown endorsed provincial party president and former Harper Conservative MP Rick Dykstra and Ontario PC provincial party vice president and regional councillor Tony Quirk to win the nomination primary, coming up the middle with 699 votes to 525 for Dykstra, 245 from newspaper owner Mike Williscraft, and 225 for Quirk which was amazing.

Repeating the message twice in simultaneous byelections Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals are slowly feeling the shock of the frog in a pot of water quickly boiling over, as the young Oosterhoff stated echoing a earlier Brown during his leadership race last year that his support of parents as primary educators to ensure that parental rights are respected in education will remain, it seems that unofficial opposition continues to fight on no matter which file the Ontario Liberals continue to intervene and institute their own rules nor how scared Andrea Horwath and her Ontario New Democrats are to ever try pulling the electoral trigger again. The obvious lesson Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown should have learnt here is principled grassroots politics trumps pragmatic astroturfed politics, one cannot fix or specially endorse political race for nomination primaries or general election campaigns for the gain of your own agenda especially if that agenda is diametrically opposed to one espoused by the general membership you are supposed to be leading, nothing wrong in being different but completely remaking and doing over the whole program so it no longer can recognized ideologically by its followers throws ones leadership into question at best and worst chaos and calamity in a time you need to create solidity and stability. The political elite and the main stream media industrial complex establishment still think not just that only they know best, as recently shown in the Trump Clinton United States Presidential Election where political talking heads, pundits, and pollsters got it wrong over and over again, but they even afterwards still refuse to listen, understand, and begin getting the message that we the people want to say to its government and societal institutions.