Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmass time asks us to give as Christ did

Every year it never fails, an unkind act done to another human during a time in which all of us need to be more sensitive to our very own graceful blessings, that surely we should be thankful for. Instead of recognizing how we fail others we should unite with in the need to bridge the gap of misunderstanding, we look at how we can pass others by through conquering and dividing any possible chance of communication with them. Perhaps the drive to stay alive financially makes people fight to gain more in their last fiscal quarter of the year, giving equates to losing whereas taking equates to winning and the world loves winners.

How is it that at Christmass time it is asked of us to give as Christ did, yet despite all the tales telling us otherwise, we find ways to do the opposite?

Basically, the same reason we naturally do wrong instead of right, sin, even for those who are saved, is as strong in all who belong to the total sum of humanity. Like the right to accept or reject the eternal life given to each and every one of us, we accept or reject the act of doing what is right or wrong every day in every way, instead of asking for help to accept the eternal life and do what is right here on earth, we continue to just live as we live without help and without the love God through Jesus has shown us. The act of love portrayed within the Gospels of the Bible between the Books of Matthew, being Jesus' life, to Mark, being Jesus' baptism, Luke and John, being Jesus' death, resurrection, and His ascension into heaven, though parts of all these events can be found in each, is what needs to be passed on to others like the gift tis.