Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tis a wonderful life as Canada and America captain their comebacks

Third quarter numbers are in for the North American economy, expressed at an annualized rate, real gross domestic product expanded 0.6% in the third quarter, whereas comparative data shows real gross domestic product gained a bullish 2.7% in the same time frame. Now even though we did not see that one per cent annualized growth Governor Mark Carney and the Bank of Canada were prognosticating, Canadian exports may still rise as we see the natural resources portfolio continues to be marketed internationally with great entrepreneural acceleration and proposed extraction building upward, this kind of forward action only comes from a recovering to rebuilding market which it has been. weakening Though current markets on those commodities have weakened, with metals, minerals and oil dropping in recent days, the slowdown in global economic growth from both Asia and of course Europe should not hurt, but possibly help, North America as it stages its comeback, especially in the area of being fiscally puritanical, restraintive and austere.

Just in time for Christmas, North America becomes Bedford Falls, with each of Obama, Timothy Geithner, and Ben Bernanke, John Boehner, Harper, James Flaherty and Carney sharing the roles of George Bailey, Henry F. Potter and Clarence Odbody at different times and sometimes all at once.

Interestingly, these men, especially on the Canadian side of poltiical business, have worked their best to injure and insult any investment in safe and secure areas for the majority of Canadian investors such as the housing and real estate market here in Canada, expecially in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto. Luckily with the holyday season in full swing early this year, Canadians kept on buying those gifts and spending more than usual, quickly using those savings they made throughout the last three quarters and driving consumer demand on up to save the quarter for Canada. The overvalued dollar has lead to a deficit in trade and tourism exports, add that on top of the Canadian record level in personal debt, plus the once hot, now cooled down housing market the federal Tories froze with stricter mortgage rules, with an American $16.4 trillion borrowing limited fiscal cliff around the corner, people must be wary that the Bedford Falls they know when they fall asleep New Years Eve may just become Pottersville come New Years Day.