Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Make that Canada and Quebec is a Coalition of Conservatives Separatists and Socialists

So, almost half a year later, after Liberals under Stephane Dion supported a Coalition of Socialists and Separatists, it seems Tory Stephen Harper is dead in Quebec, absolutely occurring after supporting fully Liberal Jean Charest, all this particular strategy has done is create scenerios where, on the very same day, Adquistes joined Pequistes to now try and defeat Charest by forming their own coalition with Pauline Marois being the Premier, forcing Charest to find extra support thus aligns himself closer to a more popular fellow Liberal Michael Ignatieff and that freezes the unpopular Conservative Prime Minister Harper in le belle province after he basically gave the Action Democratique du Quebec his kiss of death in the last election.

The amount of chickens who come home to roost in all of these situations does not even come infinitely close to explain the backroom and grassroots winks, nudges and nods of understanding to say no more we see here.

The openly burning of political bridges, which have been going on between Harper, Charest and Dumont, now adding Marois and Ignatieff into the mix, has been beyond both hilarious and stupendous, way past the colour pale of Canadian federal and provincial party politics, as federal Tories work along with Bloquistes and Socialists in the New Democrats to keep Parliament going while their Quebec clones do likewise with the Parti Quebecois back in le Assemblee Nationale, all in all, this leads to a Harpercritical Entente Cordiale federally and provincially that may remind others perhaps of a Mulroneyish Beau Risque, yet one must wonder just where the honour and dignity is and how one can ever gain it from any of this.