Monday, April 06, 2009

Midnight Rollerblading Sonata

As totally weird and beyond real as this is, I rollerblade at night, actually more accurately, usually right at midnight especially. Now, as we are coming up to exams, with good weather to boot, I lace them up and go out with the baroque, classical and romantic sonatas of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms and Joseph Haydn, to name a few, going on up in my head. I started the practice while playing junior football, as I used to night bike at midnight in my youth, but without a bicycle away from home and only rollerblades on the road, I just replaced the mode within the practice and voila.

Shocked however I was to find out, there were actual Midnight Rollerblading Clubs, akin to the popular Fight Clubs, going on around the world, in Paris, Rome, London and even Minneapolis of Minnesota as this snippet proves. Personally, I totally understand the idea, the activity gets the mind racing, as it also soothes the soul, with songs of joy, sadness and other emotions in between filling your inner being, the complete lift and exhilaration one gets from it, you simply do not turn back. True, when a game, match or competition is on, I blade to rap and hard rock in the day, but come night, nothing but that classical sound of piano, violin and organ get me in the mood to go, do and act out into the night.

I waited impatiently for the snow up here in the Great White North to quickly disappear, quicker in the Niagara region thankfully, but when it came time, out I went gliding into my first midnight skate. Coasting from the sidewalk to the laneway from main building to Augustine Hall, I could feel that inner flow from within to sail along with, as I bobbed, weaved and skimmed from southern Garner to western Kitty Murray entrances, the pure feeling and sensation of complete awareness and consciousness brought total excitement. This is what the Creator's creation, order and the mandate is all really about here on earth, our respect, responsiveness and responsibility to it, if that is not how we feel then we must react at the lack of receptiveness we feel without any true reflection on the life we love to live.