Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Winning the budget but losing the election

While Jean Charest may be on his way to winning the upcoming budget, he truly has lead himself down the road to losing the future election. The PLQ can either work with the ADQ or the PQ to make it pass, but simply in doing that, they give up their agenda and mandate to the party they do finally decide to work with. Stephen Harper, as a proxy of Brian Mulroney, owns Charest, the Conservatives in Ottawa pay the political bills Québec incurs and thus own the Liberals those Québécois just vote in to be their voice back out to Ottawa. While André Boisclair quickly defeated himself and his équipe du tonnerre with lesser ideas of consultation publique de la souveraineté to reconstruisons notre Québec instead of the older souveraineté association de la séparation ideal, Mario Dumont was slowly accepting himself to his own culture, using autonomie pour le Québec to his advantage and also finding the middle ground between separatism and federalism. The controversial reasonable accommodationn debate was proof that Charest was on his way out because he was on the wrong side of the political tracks, his politics got too old and now he pays the price that Parti Libéral du Québecc leaders in the past and those in the future have paid and will continue to pay for the price of dirty closed federalism and its even dirtier payoff for separatism.