Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day Grey Day

Yeah, it is one May Bruce-Grey Day for sure, great to be right back home from its benevolent deep green rural farmlands to its friendly grey, brown and black urban townproperties up here in the Lake Huron and Georgian Bay region of this great province. Conversations, gladhanding and listening what those I visit with have to say on the issues that are important to them, their families and friends is also important to me, but moreso the community at large at the end of the day and a caring and compassionate community of citizens like you and me. We must sustain through grassroots political action the individual rights, responsibilities and freedoms our collective society solidly strives for, making it one that is for justice, fairness and equality and fights against the kind of short term greed for one that does not bring forth long term prosperity for all (unlike the under 50 ranking Canadian Business Online, MoneySense and Profit's contest for Canada's Best Places to Live gives our own Owen Sound)!

One of our best cyber initiatives we have in the area is the Saugeen Community Blog, which has become a friendly forum for the discussion of economic, social, and environmental sustainability in the Counties of Bruce and Grey, started up all through the powers of its moderator Shane D. Jolley. Just after last year's Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound Green-Up, Shane had contacted me to sit down, have a talk with him and some local political activists about the local scene, we simply did just that, having a great time and getting to know each other even more. After explaining how I was asked by some local high school students to run for the same Green Party nomination he ended up winning unanimously, we found so much common ground on so many similar issues, he ended up inviting me to join him as a regular contributor on the regionally syndicated by the community weblog and the offered possibility of working on a local future election campaign whenever its time comes.

Ultimately, we as Grey-Brucers need to stick together, we are each strong individually, making up a stronger collective that is this region, an accountable area that honestly wants to do what is right over what is wrong and transparency is key to all citizens here. That is why we do respect the rights of others yet make sure we reserve the responsibility to clean our own backyards before we attack someone for the upkeep of theirs and do for others as you wish done for you. We are a people who act locally so we can speak globally, and I thank you for the opportunity to speak with you each and every day, all and any way, about the positive and negative ways life deals with us humans - because without this chance to change your choices in life at critical stages like today, how does one speak to and act against what is wrong and speak of and act for what is right?