Thursday, May 03, 2007

Money but not Monarchy welcome in Québec

While those running Ottawa are planning to mark the 2008's 400th anniversary of the UNESCO heritage site Cité Québec with celebratory fireworks, flowers, flags, banners, exhibits, circuses and a Québec theme at Winterlude in Ottawa, the spending will not even compare to the $225 million bash planned in Québec, with $110 million spent alone on new infrastructure within the Province du Québec and only within the Province du Québec!

We had learnt awhile back that Queen Elizabeth the Second of England was not welcomed at this historic shindig, as an archaic symbol who should stay home according to Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe, with both the Quebec Sovereignty Council's Gérald Larose and the Société Saint-Jean Baptiste's Jean Dorion agreeing that demonstations in protest would be in order as federalists are trying hard to hijack the joyous occasion, saying their Québécois remember the Queen's last visit in 1964 on Samedi de la Matraque or Truncheon Saturday and will act once more accordingly (though she did make a brief trip to the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, just across the river from Ottawa in October of 2002 and not a minor scuffle was made on her or her entourage).

Why they believe as Larose does that "Canada wasn't founded in 1608, what was founded in 1608 was the Québec nation and this has nothing to do with Canada." is when federalist Charest Liberal Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Benoit Pelletier joins in the chorus for the abolishment of both Hons. Lt.-Gov. Lise Thibault, Gov.-Gen. Michaëlle Jean and their Monarchy and asking another favour of the Québec friendly Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper (who has said he will replace the high spending vice regal appointed in 1996) and now we see whether the same man that gave Québécois a nation will now take away a monarchy?