Monday, July 31, 2006

Everybody wants to rule the world with more muscle mass

Everybody wants to rule the world with more muscle mass, to be much leaner, and to be majorly fit. Sadly, just because one wants something does not make it so, rather one must have an internal drive to do the external work that makes it happen. Whether professionally or personally, academically or athletically, one must find balance in life, a moderate approach to the maintenance and administration throughout towards fitness.

Yet it goes well beyond fitness, into deep recesses of the body, mind, and soul, an innate discipline, responsibility, and strong work ethic that can only be found unfathomably within.

It really is there in you or not, it can be hidden or buried under lots of laziness, incompetence, and weak immature behavior, one that can be aged out by wisdom and experience. With both wisdom and experience being gained over time and events, one can learn slowly by matriculating through our worldly school of hard knocks, by switching up your seat at the desk in your classroom for officespace and transitioning from marks and grades to deals and trades. So indeed fitness goes well beyond the gym, the engrained theory and practice of which can last a lifetime of health for a better built body that rarely sees the doctor and their hospital, which in the end allows one more muscle mass to perhaps not rule the world but work well within it.