Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Jean Charest is just another Robert Bourassa during these political games

While it may be that Jean Charest is just another Robert Bourassa in his mind, looking for that Olympic federalist wave of patriotic sentiment, as in 1976 when Bourassa looked to gain in an November election with the golds won by the majority of Francophone Canadian athletes during the August games in Montréal and now Charest has an election during the games in London. Or perhaps like another Jean, Lesage he will recreate another René Lévesque, possibly from the environmental natural resources file and probably from within? With his high anglo blood flowing, one can see a sprinkle of Daniel Johnson Junior on top of this English muffin, though honesty would find this to be an Irish Quebecer in John James!

Now that all of Stephen Harper, Jean Chretien and of course Brian Mulroney have all in different shapes, means and ways have shown their approval of Charest, his government and style of governance being autocratic, antidemocratic and federalist. However, this is a mix that seems to propel the greatest and most powerful leaders of the Dominion, especially in la belle province such as Pierre Elliot Trudeau one could argue. Until there is another constititional crisis in Canada, which is soon to be coming as this general election will prove, Charest will always be Louis Alexandre Taschereau during these days of peace as we enter warlike times politically.

My question is, just as we see newly minted Coalition Avenir Québec party leader François Legault from the high powered powderkeg portfolio of education or healthcare when in Official Leader of the Opposition Pauline Marois' Parti Québécois, trying hard to become a reincarnation of Maurice Duplessis. Who is his Claude Ryan in this case using another high powered powderkeg portfolio like labour, to create a franken hyper version of the old Péquistes against Prime Minister Trudeau battles from years past, revised perhaps into a new Caquistes versus Prime Minister Harper wars of the future if tides have changed and the waves maintain, as I would highly doubt the Torontonian Lise Thériault to be it?