Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Who with the What Now?

Well, it turns out I was not the only person interested towards a situation, one that has grown to global proportions. Though it really is great to see others, just as interested, I feel quite sad that I have to explain the who with the what now to others, especially on such a serious topic as this. The World Health Organization, a specialized agency within international public health for the United Nations, has been caught in an global rundown with the International Atomic Energy Agency, confirmed by World Health Assembly resolution WHA 12.40. Its Director General, Doctor Margaret Chan, has refused to comment on the issue from the WHO's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, which leads further towards one believing the WHO is being prevented by the IAEA on researching the health effects of ionizing radiation, with Chernobyl being a prime example.

The tremendous task in combatting disease, especially those key infectious ones, and preventing them by promoting essential medical health care for all the people of the world is critically huge, especially as the WHO's constitution states that its objective "is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health." So, why make such an improbable, perhaps impossible job, that much harder with restrictions on testing in other areas, which need to be looked into right now today. This agreement needs to be reviewed immediately, for the sake of those involved there in Chernobyl today and other catastrophes tomorrow, the United Nations must get involved now with both the WHO and the IAEA, to do the right thing, as people in the tens thousands die with several hundred of thousands being harmed.

The important proceedings and reports of the 1995 Geneva and 2001 Kiev conferences on the effects of the Chernobyl disaster need to be published as soon as possible, lest the United Nations be known as yet another unaccountable and undemocratic elitist vehicle at the whims of whatever vested special interest rules the day. Now, we in Canada know better than anyone else about internal governmental democratic reform deficits, as we currently find ourselves still unfortunately stuck in one, the same one diagosed by the former Prime Minister, campaigned upon by the latter Prime Minister, so we use the simple principles within the finding of that dust covered report to solve this problem too. Close the censorship resolution, open up the documents and let us get to the bottom of the most important matter once and for all for the health of those affected and for us all.