Friday, January 12, 2007

City Ottawa off on our own Ontarian Alternative

Almost one full week ago, the Ontarian Alternative's Silent Majority Revolution suddenly became a little bit louder, its original brainchild of former Ontario Reform activists Anthony Silvestro, Randy Hillier, Bill Cook, Constance Wilkins and Marc Fournier of the 1990s has entered the 2000s with a bang and now this provincial mantra of less government, more democracy and taxation reform within our representation is ready for public consumption, the Concerned Citizens of Ontario seem to have a perfect mix of classic liberalism, traditional conservatism and populist libertarian reform that makes room for the regular everyday taxpayer, family and environmental Green conservationalist who just wants to protect, preserve and defend their rights, responsibilities, freedoms, liberties and independence.

The Ontarian Alternative kicks off its Campaign Team Ontario in Eastern Ontario as it holds its first regional town hall meetup in the City of Ottawa, where its push to bring equality back to Canada and Ontario starts right here with ideas like Re-Con-Federation that will fight separation with its special distinct status for one yet nothing for the rest and instead give equal provincial political powers back to all ten provinces and combined territories from the big government hand of a highly centralized Ottawa, it begins on Sunday, February 4, 2007 from 12 Noon to 5 PM at the Ottawa Citizen building, 1101 Baxter Road or (613) 829-9100 and the directions to the Ottawa Citizen building are take Highway 417 or the Queensway to the Pinecrest/Greenbank exit, (if coming from the West) go straight through the intersection onto Iris Street, stay in right lane on Iris Street, go straight and do not take curve to left, at second stop sign turn left onto Baxter Road, Ottawa Citizen building is on the right side around the corner, (if coming from the East) left turn or go south onto Pinecrest/Greenbank exit, stay in left lane, left at first lights, two lanes turn left at Iris Street, be in right hand one, go straight do not take curve to left at second stop sign turn left onto Baxter Road, Ottawa Citizen building is on the right side around the corner.

Much can quickly change in a week, Anthony Silvestro genuinely spoke to people's issues on CFRA 580 AM radio then went on to emcee the regional town hall meetup to a successful crowd who made known their views from the grassroots as to how change in the Province of Ontario should be made for all Ontarian people, citizens and taxpayers, Randy Hillier announced he would seek the nomination for the candidacy of record in the Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington riding with the John Tory Ontario Progressive Conservatives, Bill Cook is being touted as the Liberal nominee as provincial candidate of record in the riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound for Dalton Mcguinty, Constance Wilkins and Marc Fournier continue to run the Free Dominion website that promotes third parties outside the Rabble Babble endorsed New Democratic Party.